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Ford Anglia, Prefect, Popular Print Poster
Ford Anglia, Prefect, Popular Print Poster
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Small Fords 1953-1967
Following the success of the Consul/Zephyr, Ford applied the same engineering and styling principles to it's new small car range in 1953. The new 100E Anglia and Prefect models enjoyed strong sales that lasted until the arrival of the 105E Anglia in 1959. At the same time the 100E Prefect gained the OHV engine and became the 107E, whilst the aged 103E was replaced by the "new" 100E Popular.
The print measures 35x25mm (14x10inches)and shows:-
  • Squire Estate (1955-61)
  • Anglia Estate 105E (1961-67)
  • Popular 103E (1953-59)
  • Anglia Super 123E(1967)
  • Popular 100E (1959-62)
  • Prefect 107E (1959-61)
  • Angla De Luxe 105E