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Ford Capri Mk1 Print Poster
Ford Capri Mk1 Print Poster
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Ford Capri Mk1 - The Performers
Introduced as "the car you always promised yourself", the Capri was seen as the European equivalent of the Mustang. Sporty and affordable, its sales markedly outstripped even the most optimistic predictions of Ford's marketing experts. An impressive record in international motor sport helped to further the Capri's image, and in the present day, the Capri holds a well earned place in Ford's stable of respected classics. Total Mk1 production between 1969 amd 1974 - 1,818,000
The print measures 35x25mm (14x10inches)and shows:-
  • Ghia Coupe (1974-77)
  • GXL (1972-75)
  • 2.8 Injection (1982-85)
  • Consul GT (1972-75)
  • Ghia Sapphire (1979)
  • 2.8i Ghia X (1981-85)